Romanian Workers in France to Receive Legal Status

There is a recent buzz on the news that the French government is set to lift Romanian and Bulgarian workers’ restrictions on working in France. The move would allow around 15,000 Roma living in France to receive legal status. The move was announced by the French prime minister, Manuel Valls. He recently said that lifting these restrictions “could be one of the solutions for this migrant community.” However, opting out of certain cookies may affect your browsing experience. Source –

Romanian Workers In France To Receive Legal Status Your Way To Success

In a statement, the government also said it would keep its controversial policy of shutting down illegal Roma camps in France, but would ease its restrictions on employing Roma from Romania and Bulgaria. The announcements came as the two countries have been negotiating a new model of bilateral police collaboration. Since there is a shortage of labour in France, most mass evictions and expulsion orders have been directed at the Roma population. Advocates for the rights of Roma have analysed the policies and excessive expulsion orders against Roma camps in the country.

The European Commission is currently considering legislation to make it more difficult for Romanians to migrate to France. The new law would require companies to pay posted Romanian workers as they would local employees, but the measures have failed to gain traction among member states in central and eastern Europe. Furthermore, the National Pension House of the Republic of Moldova reports that nearly 50,000 Romanians were posted abroad last year. The move is expected to increase Romania’s share of the global workforce, and is welcomed by many.