Automotive Digital Marketing

Automotive digital marketing is a vital part of any dealership’s strategic marketing strategy. This form of online marketing can help you reach a wider range of potential customers, increase your website’s search engine visibility and boost sales leads from outside of your dealership’s local market.

What are the types of marketing?

Car shoppers are researching and shopping for cars in ways that have changed dramatically in the last few years. Rather than going into a car dealership showroom and taking a test drive, many consumers now complete their entire car buying process online.

Digital marketing can be a great way to engage undecided buyers during this phase of the car-buying journey. Whether it’s through the use of your dealership’s website, Google AdWords ads or an aggregate site, digital marketing gives you the ability to connect with them and present yourself as a solution to their vehicle problem.

Pay-per-click advertising is another tool you can utilise to reach more people and generate more sales leads from your dealership’s website. It allows you to target specific demographics or categories of potential customers. You can track the number of views and clicks you get and see how well your ads are performing, so you know how much ROI you’re getting.

Social media is also a fantastic channel for reaching more car shoppers, as it allows you to create engaging content on a platform that’s suited to your audience. You can post photos of your latest deals and promotions, for example, or interact with viewers in a more personal way by asking them to leave feedback or comments on your social media posts.