Fire Watch Guards

If you need a security guard to watch over your property, look no further than Fire Watch Guards. This fully insured and licensed security guard agency is owned by certified law enforcement officers, and they’re available 24 hours a day. All of their security guards are certified and undergo extensive training, including CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications. This ensures you’ll get the best service possible, and peace of mind knowing that your property is in good hands.

Benefit Your Business In The Long Term

What are fire watch guard duties? Fire watch guard duties vary widely depending on where the job is located. Some guards have a general responsibility to keep a log book of their activities. This logbook will record their actions throughout the shift, including checking for malfunctioning equipment, reporting potential hazards, and patrolling at designated times. While there is a wide variety of responsibilities in fire watch guard jobs, some of the most common ones involve maintaining an accurate log book that will be required by the fire marshal.

What are the benefits of Fire Watch Guards? Hiring a fire watch guard can benefit your business in the long term. While fire safety systems are an important part of protecting a property from fire, they can be of great help when they aren’t working as intended. Fire watch guards patrol the property, check equipment for malfunctions, and help evacuate people safely. They also help fire marshals and other emergency responders by preventing fires from spreading to surrounding areas.

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