Heavy Duty Towing

If you own a heavy-duty vehicle or are in need of a tow truck, you should hire a company that specializes in this type of service. Not only will this kind of service provide you with the services you need to get your car back on the road, but it will also protect your car and avoid further damage. Here’s a quick look at the different types of towing trucks. If you need a heavy-duty tow truck, you’ve come to the right place.

What Should You Do For FastĀ Heavy Duty Towing?

Heavy Duty Towing

There are three basic types of towing services: light-duty and heavy duty towing. Light-duty towing services include towing and removing abandoned cars, assisting roadside accident victims, and retrieving vehicles from private property. Light-duty towing trucks are smaller and better for driving, while heavy-duty towing trucks are larger, equipped with a 25-ton boom lift, a six-ton wheel lift, and a hydraulic jack. A heavy-duty tow truck can tow a car that weighs thousands of pounds, so it’s best to call a company that is well-equipped with such a vehicle.

In addition to the standard tow truck, heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped with wheel-lift and under-reach technology to tow a variety of large vehicles. In addition to being capable of towing big vehicles, heavy-duty tow trucks can also haul specialty equipment and bulky items. In addition to towing a car or truck, heavy-duty towing companies can also handle transporting a bus. These types of vehicles often require specific equipment and specialized trucks.

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