Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger

Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger is a New York Times bestselling author, a New Yorker contributor, and a global agent of change. He is the co-founder of Free the Children, a charity organization that empowers youth to make the world a better place. In this book, he shares his journey and offers tangible tips for anyone looking to do good in the world. To read the rest of the book, click here.

How to Know About Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger

We Charity, founded by Marc Kielburger, is an international nonprofit charity organization that lifts millions of people from poverty. This organization has helped lift one million children out of poverty through its holistic development model, WE Villages. Other programs of WE Charity include WE Schools, which deliver service-learning programs to more than 10,000 schools, and WE Day, which engages 2.4 million young changemakers. If you want to help others, contact Marc Kielburger and learn more about his mission.

WE Movement. Founded by Kielburger and his brother Craig, WE Charity is a global charity organization that works to empower young people and change the world. We Charity partners with more than 18,000 schools in the world and offers 4.3 million young people the opportunity to make a difference. The foundation’s mission is to make the world a better place through education and entrepreneurship. The WE Charitable Foundation is another example of a successful nonprofit.

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